Thursday, May 23, 2024
We are Second, where He is First



The History of Second Baptist Church

With only prayers and dreams, seven members of the North Breathitt Street Baptist Sunday School began discussing plans of an organized Sunday School in their area. In the spring of 1946, Rev. John Ivey, Associational Missionary, and layman Frank Powell found a vacant lot and a tent that they rented for a mission Sunday School. Plans to organize a church began on Independence Day of that same year. Less than two months later, September 8, 1946, the first dedication service was held in the new church, which had been named the First Street Missionary Baptist Church. The next month, after being admitted to the Bethel Association, a concrete block garage was purchased by Ross Arnold and presented to the church, provided a gable roof be added to the structure.

Under the leadership of Bro. Roy Sears, a building committee was appointed on September 14, 1949 to begin plans for a permanent church building. Several years later on March 1954 under the leadership of Bro. Marion Duncan the deacons but the finishing touches on the rock church, which was renamed Second Baptist Church.

In April of 1969 the church purchased property on the corner of Second and Spring Streets, and on May 26, 1974 the motion was passed to begin construction of the present church. Bro Roy Gibson preached the first sermon in the new sanctuary on November 16, 1974.

Under the leadership of each pastor, the membership has grown, different items purchased and remodeled. Under the leadership of Bro. Ron Wells, the Roy L. Sears Family Life Center was completed in 2004.

Pastors and Dates Served

Bro. John Ivey July 1946 - May 1947
Bro. Hoyt Robertson September 1947 - 1949
Bro. Roy Sears July 1949 - November 1953
Bro. Marion Duncan December 1953 - September 1955
Bro. Edwin Douglas November 1955 - September 1956
Bro. Raymond Rich July 1957 - September 1961
Bro. Carl Martin December 1961 - December 1962
Bro. James Greene January 1963 - May 1965
Bro. Pat Kough September 1965 - June 1971
Bro. Virgil Blankenship September 1971 - May 1973
Bro. Roy Gibson February 1974 - February 1976
Bro. James Jackson June 1976 - May 1980
Bro. Don McConnaughhay December 1980 - July 1985
Bro. Harlan Williams January 1986 - May 1996
Bro. Ron Wells November 1996 - January 2011
Bro. Steve Smith December 2011 - August 2014
Bro Mike Duff October 2015 - March 2019
Bro. Andrew Huffingham December 2019 - December 2024